The Great

Noah The Great is a hot, young artist from Richmond Hill, Queens New York, that's quickly on the rise in the music industry! His style of writing is soulful, honest and catchy! You can hear his music playing around clubs in Texas and other states! He's opened up for artists such as Trippy Redd, Da Baby & Trapboy Freddy!

The versatility of Noah ranges from Hip-Hop to Neo Soul to harmonizing lyrics to successully executing a passionate poetic flow! Noah started creating music when beating on walls at home and lunchroom tables at school were a favoite pasttime of many developing artist! The quality of music he releases seperates him from most artists! Quality over quantity is his motto!

"I want my fans to know that I strive to make the best music possible, but to have fun while doing it. I wouldn’t be The Great without God first or my fans. They have made me a better artist and helped me give birth to the notion that this will all work!"